Wednesday, May 18, 2016


First of all I want to make it clear. I don't appreciate a light coverage foundation. If I want light coverage I have a bb cream that does the same thing. What I like is a medium to full coverage foundation that it doesn't give a heavy feeling to skin as most of that kind of foundations do. So that's why today I'm reviewing that God send foundation from Vichy.

I don't have a very good skin, as it is acne prone. Like I haven't said that enough. Well... Oh well..... I have to embrace my flaws or whatever. But when I don't want to embrace them, I want them to be covered. Wearing make-up doesn't help my skin that much, I can see it when I am cleansing it, after a few hours of being all dolled up, it's dull and I have a couple of new zits here and there or just my old ones got bigger.

The thing is that I love make-up, I'm trying to avoid wearing it as much as I can but it's just impossible for me. I cannot think that I will go out for coffee with friends or a girls night out or even on a job interview without having my make-up done.

So these are the reasons why foundation is so important to me.

Enough said about myself let's cut to the chase.I want to talk about the Vichy Dermablend fluid foundation. I know that Vichy is a label that can be trusted by every woman older or younger. It is actually one of my favorites at the moment. This foundation is said to stay for 16 hours but I haven't been wearing it for such a long time. I am also using a moisturizer that I am going to have a review for it asap because I think it deserves it. Well about the foundation. Finally.....


  • It is medium to full coverage 
  • Can be found easily at a drugstore or a cosmetics shop
  • It is tested on sensitive skin
  • It is allergy tested
  • It doesn't have parabens 
  • It is a corrective fluid foundation
  • I use it without concealer as it covers everything needed 


  • It doesn't have a big variety of colors (they're four, as far as I know,:15 opal,25 nude, 35 sand, 45 gold) 
  • Kind of expensive, considering that it costs close to 25€ and we can find way cheaper foundations with a good quality 
  • Vichy is not cruelty free

I've been using this for about a year and I'm completely satisfied. It is surely one of my best friends. I heard that a new Dermablend foundation was released, the 3D Correction with SPF25 which is for oily and acne prone skin. Sadly, I haven't tried that yet but when this baby is finished I'm going to buy the 3D for sure. I think that we're made for each other.

 This is my personal opinion.
This post is not sponsored like any other of my posts are.

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