Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Review:Bio Oil

Maybe you've heard a lot about this product, maybe you heard nothing. So for you who don't know let me introduce you the Bio Oil. It's a product that promises to reduce scars, wrinkles, stretchmmarks, uneven skin tone and dehydrated skin.I heard some good reviews about it so I decided to buy it. I hoped it would help me with some scars I have on my face from acne. I was expecting for a miracle to happen using it but it didn't help me that much to be honest. The instructions was: use it twice a day. After half of the bottle I used I could see my skin more moisturized than it used to be but the scars were still there.  So I gave it to my mom to try it, maybe it would help her with her wrinkles. Actually it did! The results were unbelievable! My mum is not the kind of person that would pay a lot for a cream so she
 doesn't buy cosmetics that help her with the aging skin. But this oil did help her and actually she asked me to buy her another bottle when the first one was finished. How did it help her? Her wrinkles were smoother and so was her skin. Her skin looked better and moisturized,she could feel it more moisturized too! Now she put it daily to her skin before her cheap cream. Bio Oil is 60ml and costs about 12€.

An other way to use it. My skin doesn't "like" all creams so it don't absorb them. Well I know this trick. When a cream isn't being absorbed by your skin put a couple drops of oil in it. So when I bought a cream that wasn't being absorbed by my skin I putted 3-4 drops of Bio Oil in it and I mixed it well. After that I put the cream on my face to see if the oil helped it. I was pleased to see that it did help the cream and from now on I wouldn't have to throw away all the creams that couldn't be absorbed by my skin!

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