Friday, May 13, 2016

Mario Badescu products vs acne, my story

I have a great problem with acne since I was 19 years old. I tried almost everything and different kind of products but nothing seemed to help me. I have a post that I talk about it in depth. One day I was searching for acne treatments so I found Mario Badescu. They have that questionnaire on their site that depending the answers you give they send to you, free of charge, some samples of their products that would help you. They are that confident about the results that their products will give you. Unfortunately they don't ship in Greece, where I live, so I had to find out by my self.

First I bought the Acne Facial Cleanser and it was the best!!!!!! I saw improvement on my skin very fast. The skin feels so nice after the use, so clean. But the best part is that not only my zits were reduced, but my blackheads looked better as well. I saw immediate change of my face, for the better of course. So after three or four days of using it i decided to buy the Glycolic Gel.

I don't really like acids and staff but this thing does magic. Yeah that's right, it's like the best night treatment I've ever had. I sleep with large zits and the morning after they're reduced by 60% (more or less). My skin is smoother, and so are my skars. They're not vanished but they'll get there eventually, well..... I hope.

These are the best products I've tried so far for the acne treatment and I'm planning to buy some more Mario Badescu products. Do you have any products that helped you improved your skin? If so leave your comments down below to tell me your story, opinions and advices.

Mario Badescu products are not tested on animals.

This is my personal opinion.

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