Monday, May 2, 2016


Yeah it's all I need and I bought it only for 4.49€!  I use it dailly and yeah I know it's obvious from the pic..... It seems extremelly used and I have it only one week! It's an awesome palette with all the colors needed and gives a nice coverage. Colors included:  Beige light/dark, Pink, Green and Yellow. I haven't used the dark beige yet but maybe I will put it in my contouring routine in the figure. Right now I'm using powders for contouring that's why I haven't tried that so far.

So what should I do with all these colors? Well each one has it's use! Yellow is for the dark shadows under the eye area and pink is for the times the skin looks tired, it brightens it.
Green is to neutralize the redness on the skin, and beige both light and dark, depending on your skin color,  is to cover the imperfections.

My way of using it:
I have some combination tricks when using it. I begin with my eyes.I take my Concealer brush and take some of the pink concealer and make a line from the inner corner of my eye to where my cheek begins. Then I take the yellow concealer and put it under my eyes. I blend them with a concealer sponge. When I'm done with my eyes I start with my face. I take some of the green Concealer and put it on my zits, that are red, I let it dry and then I put the beige concealer on top of the green. Then I start dabbing with my concealer sponge and when I'm done I apply my foundation to the whole face.

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