Monday, May 23, 2016

One month blogging!

Hey guys! Today I am celebrating one month blogging! Yaaaaay! That's so exciting! I can't even believe that one month is gone. It was like yesterday I decided to create this blog. You see, I adore cosmetics, make-up and everything that has to do with that so I decided to share with everyone! I want to help others via my reviews and introduce new products that someone might not know. Just to make things clear, all my posts have my own personal opinion and none of them are sponsored. I post mainly about products that I like so most of my reviews are positive.Today I decided to post about myself, just to know me better.

Get to know me 

  • I am 21 years old
  • Virgo 
  • Greek 
  • Drugs, cosmetics and similar products technician 
  • My dream is to be a pastry chef 
  • I love animals and the nature 
  • Favorite colors are black, beige and wine red
  • I write my name as Catherine but here in Greece they call me Katerina 

 So this is it about me. If you want to know more plz ask. Now I have to tell you. I will try to have a nice and pleasant blog content for you to read and I will try to improve my English because yeah, I know, I suck. Also I will try to develop myself as a blogger. Thank you SO much for reading this and feel free to check out my other posts of this month.

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