Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May's empties

One more month is gone. It was a great one! The previous week I had my one month blog anniversary and I couldn't be less than excited(post). But this month some great and some not - so-much great products are gone as well. So here are my empties and some mini reviews.

Let's begin with the face 

The Body Shop Aloe Eye Defense

One of my favorite eye moisturizers! I said it on the last's month empties (April's)  and I'll say that again. It's hard to find an eye moisturizer let alone a good one. Most of the eye creams are made for anti aging but I don't think I need something like that in my age. So I'm searching and trying new eye cream moisturizers but this is by far one of the best! I'm going to buy that again in a couple of days.

Sostar Moisturizing Face Cream with Aloe, Argan Oil and Urea

Not a big fan of that cream. It has everything I need except it cannot be absorbed fast from my skin. It is inexpensive, I bought it for 3€, which is good, I mean it's a moisturizing cream, it has no reason to be expensive. It is paraben free and not tested on animals, these are the main factors that made me purchase this product. I would not buy that again, but I would like to try this company's line called "Το Γάλα" (=The Milk), which is enriched with donkey milk, aloe vera, calendula and urea. I was using a soap bar with donkey milk like a month ago and I was impressed by the results I saw on my skin so really want to try a cream as well.

Cien Volume Mascara, Extreme Lashes (post) 

One of my favorite mascaras. I said a lot about that product and I tried to keep it as good as new with my trick (post) but enough is enough and now it's gone. But no worries, I have my stash. I have 2 more to go and both of them are shield so I won't be missing it as much as I should. I would buy this mascara again and again and again. When I'll see at the Lidl supermarket they'll have it on sale I am going to buy some more, just in case, you know what I mean.

Bath and body 

Dove invisible dry deodorant

It is said to last for 48 hours but I haven't tested that. To be honest I don't believe that any deodorant lasts that much. It is called invisible because it doesn't leave marks on the clothes, on the under hand area. It is written on that it is tested on 100 colors. I tested that one,not all hundred colors obviously,just the colors I have, and I have to say that is true but don't put that much of the product on your armpit because it might leave a little bit of stain. I would buy that again but not soon because I bought that on a buy two in the price of one offer. I actually don't use my other deodorant daily, I use this more in cases that I need to wear a clothe and I don't want stains on it. I use a Noxzema on a daily basis, which one I love and have been using for years.

perky byly Depil

These are depilatory strips for the body. I'm mostly using Veet but I thought I should try something new this time. They're very good actually, they have 12 strips, they're cheaper than Veet, they're made by ecological ingredients and they smell like chocolate. So nice.... I will definitely buy it again. Definitely value for money and I always prefer ecological products over any other kind of products.

C-THRU Coral Dream,  eau de toilette

A budget friendly brand with a couple of nice perfumes. I used to use this brand mostly when I was in high school but I still buy it now and then. It's lovely with a nice and light smell. I mostly use the coral dream but C-THRU has a couple of other cologne lines that I like. It is not very strong, as it needs extra spraying on the day in order to feel it's there. I think I will buy it again.

Personal care

Vademecum complet

No, I haven't misspelled it, that's the way it's written. Maybe it's French or something. It says that it has pro vitamin complex and protects the gums and the teeth and whatever. I don't care I have sensitive teeth so I should have bought a toothpaste that protects them and only them as that is my problem. Besides that it's a good toothpaste, cleans the teeth nicely, but it's the design I didn't like because it has a weird big lid that's inconvenient. I won't buy that again because I want a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

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