Friday, May 6, 2016

Makeup products under 10€

I always love a good bargain, especially when it has to do with a good product. Here are some nice makeup products that cost under 10€.

L. A. Girl PRO bb cream, 6.70€: I bought this from Beauty Bay a couple of weeks ago and I wasn't sure whether this would be a good cream or not because I haven't seen any reviews of it anywhere so I had no idea what to expect. I have to admit that I made the right choice buying it. It is a light weighted cream that I can wear all day long without feeling it in my skin like many creams like that usually do. I have a pale skin so the color number I bought is GBB941-FAIR. It is 30 ml.

Essence... all I need concealer pallette, 4.49€ (post) :
I really love this pallette, it has all the colors I need for my makeup and has a good quality as well! It is 6g. It is made in Europe so it's not supposed to be tested on animals.

Cien Volume Mascara Extreme Lashes, 1.99€: These products can only be found on a supermarket called Lidl. They're so cheap but everything I tried so far from Cien is very good. I bought this mascara because of its price. Actually I bought two more when I went to Lidl again and I bought a couple of lipsticks that I'm reviewing here, in this post down below. They totally worth the try and I would pay more for that mascara easily! Actually I have bought mascaras close to 20€ that can't beat this one. I use it mostly when I do my nude make up because it has that natural finish. It is 9ml. It is made in Europe so it's supposed not to be tested on animals.

Manhattan Khol Kajal Eyeliner n17, 3.75€. It is made in Europe as long as I know so you know, animals.
Davis Accent Lipline pencil n 030-008-011, 1€

I know Manhattan cosmetics for years and whatever I have bought
are in good price and have good quality. I chose to buy the grey Khol Kajal Eyeliner because it's a color I didn't have but wanted for a while. I thought that a grey eyeliner would be better if soft because it would be good for a smoky finish. It's very smooth and easy to apply, it's my favorite this period and I use it daily!

To be honest, I've never heard for Davis Accent cosmetics before I bought the lip liners. A friend of mine introduced me to this label and actually she told me that many of her friends are using those lip liners and they're satisfied, so I decided to try a lip liner. I didn't know how much it costs so when I saw the price I was surprised. Well I put it on and it was great! I bought two more and I'm planning to buy some more in the near future.

Golden Rose 2000 Lipstick n126, 2.90€,  4.2g
Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick n7, 3.50€, 4.2g
Cien Lipstick n 27 Natural Kiss - 36 Matt Rose, 1.90€. Made in Europe
Nyx Matte Lipstick n MLS32 Siren, 8.45€, 4.5g
KORRES Cherry Lipgloss n 22 Rose, 9.80€. Made in Europe

Well, from where should I begin? My favorite lipstick is by far the Nyx Matte Lipstick(post )! It's not as cheap as the others I'm posting but it worths every penny and more! So stable on the lips and such a pretty color! Just love it!!!!!!!!!!! It's not animal tested. 
One more of my favorite beauty labels with economical prices is Golden Rose. It has so many colors to choose and such good prices that makes you want them all.
 Cien, is a label I told about the mascara and now let's talk about the lipsticks. They're nice, not the best but as good or even better than some other lipsticks I that cost more than 10€. The KORRES lipgloss is very good and stable on the lips for a lipgloss. I really like KORRES when it comes to make up and I love the fact that the products are all natural and as long as I know not tested on animals. I heard some where that KORRES products are being sold to China, where all cosmetics and makeup products must be tested on animals but not sure what KORRES is doing.

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