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I am Katerina and Cosmetology Lover is a personal blog about beauty, skincare and makeup. I have created this blog to share my love for beauty products, I am not a professional skin care expect , beautician or makeup artist and all my posts have to do with my preferences, my skin type and my honest opinion about the products I review and promote. I don't get paid by anyone to promote any kind of products, on the contrary, all the products I have shared on my posts so far are bought by me with my very own money. If I get a product for free to review it, I inform about it on my review post but I still say what I think about it whether it's good or bad. Not many reviews of mine are bad, I mostly review products I like. I might look like "kiss ass" on my posts or whatsoever but I act like a puppy, when I like a product I get over excited. Thanks for stopping by.



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