Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beauties On Fire : Summer Style

Platia Ammos beach, Larisa, Greece
This week's Beauties on Fire theme post is summer style. So I will create for you my favorite makeup look for the summer. Besides that, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite skincare tips for this season. It's kinda irrelevant, considering that the post's name includes the word style but when I hear summer, I think sunny beaches (that's why I chose this particular pic above)  and sunscreen. Call me phyco but on the daytime I won't leave the house without having sunscreen on the uncovered, without clothes skin. I'm a pale girl living in a sunny country and in contrary to some other ladies I don't enjoy melting my skin under the sun. Sun is good, sun provides us vitamin D and that's all. We shouldn't overdo it people, that's never good.

Anyway enough of my bubbling. About the look. When it comes to summer, I prefer having a very simple makeup look because if I don't I think that my makeup will start melting, and I don't need something like that in my life. What I just said might have tricked you, you maybe thinking that I'm using few makeup products but nop. Here's what we'll need for today's look.
Base: Essence all I need concealer palette (post) &  Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation (post)
Eyes: Manhattan Khol Kajal Eyeliner 17, Cien Volume Mascara Extreme Lashes (post)  & any kind of eyebrow pencil
Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills Orchid Liquid Lipstick
Finishing touch: The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals loose powder foundation shade 208 golden vanilla(contour), The Body Shop Loose Face Powder 03 & The Body Shop Baked Blush shade 01 Petal(blush and highlight).

What I did.
I used concealers where I was supposed to, green on the red spots, yellow and a little bit of pink under my eyes, light beige above all other colors so I won't look like I was on a color factory that exploded. Above all the concealers, I put my foundation with a stippling brush. It's a very watery foundation so that's the brush that suits it better. Then, my base was ready so I moved to my eyes. Eyebrows comes first so I filled them with my pencil. I chose a gray soft pencil to put on my eye lid, because it's a color that can make the eye pop but not too much, like a darker color would do, that's what I like for summer. I put it only on the outer corner of my eyes thicker and softly thinning it when going inner. I have upturned kind of eyes so I figured out throughout the years that is the best way for me to wear eyeliner. Some mascara for finishing and that's it. For my lips, I chose a purple color, it's not that summery but it's gorgeous. I loooove it! About the final touch. I did a little bit of contouring, I know you may think it's too much for summer but it's up to us. If we won't overdo it with the contouring, then it won't look so "heavy". After that, I did some highlighting, and I put my pink blusher on. On this post, I put a properly amount of product so I don't look like someone slapped me, like the Classic Beauty one.

So that's the final look, nice and simple. I chose today's foundation to have a good SPF because it could give us the cover we need but it would provide us with a nice UV protection. But, when I wear a sunblock on my face, I wear on the other parts of my body that are going to be exposed to sun, like arms and legs. When I'm on the city I mostly use sunblocks with SPF30, because I'm not going to be that much under sun but when I'm on the beach SPF50+ becomes my best friend. When we're on a sunny beach enjoying ourselves, our skin kinda suffers. After all the exposure it had under the bad UV radiation it need to be treated right and be moisturized.
Here are some of my favorite suncare products. I'm choosing Nivea Sun Protect and Moisturize SPF30 because it doesn't just protects my skin, it also moisturizes it, Avene Cleanance SPF30 because it's made for oily skin but doesn't become annoying matte and Cien sun After Sun Lotion because it's very cheap, has a lot of product in, light, smells really nice and hydrates the skin just fine. Some of you might wondering why should we use an after sun lotion.Think it's like your skin is thirsty after hours on the beach so it needs a generous hint of a nice moisturizer to have it's humidity back. Don't take it away from it guys. Moisturizing is the first step of anti-aging. The better the moisturizing levels your skin are the more are your chances not to lose it's elasticity sooner than it's supposed to. So think about it when you're under the sun, make your skin suffocating. You're stuck with it for your whole life, you should treat it right and "listen" to it, be it's best friend.

What about hair? Hair is suffering from sun. It's on top of our heads so it needs some protection right? I'm actually using SPF protection there as well. I'm that kind of person. Today I didn't have any hair tutorial to show you just because I don't even use a hair dryer when the hot days are coming. I don't do any hair styles, I may be some times wear my hair up and that's it.
I only use a hair oil from Mastic Spa, the Sun Argan Hair Oil, which is enriched with mastic and argan oil, it has SPF15, and it's not only protects hair from UV rays, but also hydrates them. My hair always becomes so soft after using this product, plus it smells soooo nice and sweet. I mostly use this when I'm about to go out, before brushing my hair. I have also tried a hair oil from the same brand which only had mastic oil and no SPF but I loved it as much as the one with the argan oil and the SPF.

Make sure to check out everyone's post, you gonna love it,  take my word for it. Just click on that beauty who's on fire down below for the Elisabeth's main post. That's it from me. See you next week with a new look.

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