Sunday, June 5, 2016

My top 5 summer lipstick colors

Summer is a season of the "natural"  makeup. Even non-touring is in now. Go figure.... No more contouring for us. Yeeeeah right. I like contouring at the moment so I ain't gonna follow a fashion telling me not to do something that I like. I mean this is all about makeup. Doing what we like to do and play with different colors and combinations we like.

So in summer we're supposed to wear light lipsticks and stuff. Well I'm fan of a good dark lipstick but I usually wear something lighter but I would put a darker lipstick when I feel it right. So here are my favorite summer lipsticks this year.

So let's get a closer look. 

I have the Golden Rose lipsticks that I have talked about before on "Beauty makeup products under 10€"  but I mostly said about the label and the prices. Now let's see the colors. I have 2 lipsticks from golden rose from two different lines. The one is from velvet matte and the other from 2000 line. From the velvet matte I have the color number 07 which is a Barbie pink  which is too light for my pale skin so I have to wear it with a darker lip liner. It is totally matte but doesn't give that dry feeling to the lips. Plus it is enriched with vitamin E. My other Golden Rose lipstick from line 2000is the number 126. I looooooove this color. I was searching for a color to be light brown and have a little bit of pink and I think I found the right one! It fits me perfect. The drawback is, for the Golden Rose lipsticks, that they don't stay on the lips very long. This mostly depends on what you do while wearing one, like drinking or eating but I see some good stains on my glasd every time I wear them. Velvet matte is longer lasting than 2000.

On the other hand, the nyx soft matte lip creams stays there for ever. Yes you figured right, nyx is one of my favorite labels at the moment. Everything I own is more than good and so is this lip cream. It's on the color San Paolo, dries matte and it's not very expensive. Most of the nyx products are kinda inexpensive, considering the good quality they offer. 

Well, my Tommy G lipstick is one that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love this color, number 22,when I first saw it I was like "You're gonna be mine!". And I still love the color but it doesn't stay on my lips. For no reason! Even if I'm not drinking something nor eating it just disappears in a couple of hours. The Golden Rose lipsticks mentioned above stay longer and costs less than half of the price of Tommy G. I have tried some other Tommy G products that I was satisfied with but this one is a big no. I still wear it though, I still love the color but I refresh it as often as possible. 

I have a couple of Sephora lip inks but my favorite color for the summer is the 02 Rosewood elixir. I love this color. On the swatches to my hand looks like a brown but on my lips looks more like a cute pink with some brown tones. It is a real lip ink as it stays there even if you don't want it to. What I mean is that it's just so difficult for me sometimes to remove it from my lips even when rubbing them. But when I put too much product on my lips it's becoming creamy and not so stable. This lip products need a special treating and a waterproof makeup remover.

So these are my favorite lip stick colors for the summer. What's yours and what are the prons and cons?

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