Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Hello, hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I'm having a review about my favorite dark lipstick for that winter!!!!!!! I know that summer is coming but I can't say goodbye to that matte lipstick. It's my must have and as long as I have a pale skin this dark color has a perfect antithesis effect on me. So about the product. Usually matte lipsticks dry out the skin and give an uncomfortable feeling. To be honest I've never had those problems with that lipstick. I always wear a lip balm under the lipstick I'm planning to wear but some of them don't seem to cooperate in addition to that lipstick. I can wear it all night long without put it on again for a freshening up!!!!!!! I just love it!!!!!!!! It has all I need!!!!!!!! And I adore that dark, vampy color.

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