Sunday, July 31, 2016

July's empties

Wow! An other month is gone and the end of summer is coming, one month left! Can you even believe that? We're actually going to say goodbye to the summer. But let's talk about this month. This was a great one. First of all, this month you have been introduced to the Beauties on Fire collaboration, and we had our two posts up. Second of all(spoiler alert), I have been introduced to some Korean products and I cannot wait to give you the reviews! I am not sure yet whether I should give a typical review, or a Sunday-Funday post telling you the way I'm using them. Anyway, I'll figure it out. Let's talk empties.

Face &  Makeup

Sephora Green Tea Face Mask

 This is actually a fiber mask. It was the first fiber mask I have ever used. I didn't like this at all. It's supposed to be mattifying and anti-blemish but my face looked exactly like it was before I put the mask on. The blemishes were there, they hadn't been improved at all. About the mattifying ok I have no complaints when it comes to that. The worst part is the fitting. Yeah I know I used a mask like this for the first time buuut, my problem is the fitting on the nose. Yup I do have a big nose, but that mask was made for tiny noses. I have seen some pics from other girls using some fiber masks from other brands without having tiny noses and the fit was nice. So that's why I'm thinking that this wasn't entirely me and my nose. That mask was covering less than half of my nose you guys. It's big but not that much. I really don't know... I'm not planning to buy this again. I will try some other fiber masks for sure, but not a Sephora one.

Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser

When I saw that bottle empty, my heart almost stopped. I was like why, oh why? Why is this happening to me. I'm telling you guys, this is like one of the best facial cleansers for acne prone skin I have ever tried, and trust me when I am telling you this because I have tried a looot. Maybe now you're wondering why don't I just buy a new one. My answer is simple. Never do I use the same cleanser after the old one is finished. I do this just to make sure that my skin won't get used to the product so I will be able to use it further. I do this with every skincare product I use. If the skin will get used to it, then the product won't work as good as it's supposed to. I will definitely buy this cleanser again, but not in the near future.

Bioclin Acnelia Cleansing Gel &  Mattifying Treatment

After my Mario Badescu cleanser was done, I had to buy a new cleanser. So I decided to buy a soap enriched with donkey milk. I was using this before so I knew it was good and it would help my skin be improved. I went to a drug store to buy one but the didn't have it so the pharmacist gave me an other face cleanser sample for me to try and a moisturizer which helps with the acne. I didn't like the cleanser so I decided not to buy it. The cream was ok, but it promises to treat the acne and that's something it didn't. Maybe I will buy it as a moisturizer in the future because it's the first mattifying cream that my skin absorbs but I'm not sure yet if I need something like that or not, because moisturizing creams that are for normal skin suit me nicely.

Essence Stay Natural Concealer (natural beige 03)

I have been introduced to Essence by this concealer via a friend of mine. I immediately loved it and after using a couple more Essence products, I loved the brand as well. It has a nice coverage, doesn't crease, doesn't make the under eye wrinkles look huge and blends easily with the foundation. It's like it takes the color of the foundation and becomes one with it. This is an excellent product on a very small price. The only drawback is that has finished quickly, I didn't had it for a long time before it was done. I am definitely buying it again just not yet, I have the essence ...all I need palette right now so I won't need an other concealer for some time.

Bath and Body 

Korres Japanese Rose Shower Gel

This is a great product! I'm telling you guys, I fell in love with it!! Besides the nice smell, which is rose but kinda reminds me of cherry, it's the fact that it doesn't leave the skin dry after the shower. It makes it soft and moisturized. Sometimes, I felt like I didn't have to put a body lotion after shower, when using this, just because my skin was fine! For a long period, I was using body moisturizers only on my elbows and knees, because there are kinda drier areas. This is by far my favorite shower gel and the best part is that I bought it when it was an offer buy one and get one for free. So I have one more to go and many other aromas to choose in the future purchases from Korres.

Korres Mango Candy Body Milk (post)  

This is one of my favorites as well. Actually Korres' products to me are either I will love something or I'll hate it, there's nothing in between. But this body milk is to die for!!! The smell is beautiful, the absorption faster than anything and the moisturizing more than I could ask for. I love using body milks on the summer days because it's texture isn't that thick and they're fast absorbed and this one has all I need. Lately, I have been using this only on my elbows and knees, because that's the only places I felt like I needed some hydration, as I said above. I can't wait to buy a new Korres body milk, but I'm not sure which aroma should I choose.


Garnier Fructis Smooth and Shiny Hair for 72H

First of all, I have say something about it's name and what that name promises. Well, you see what it promises but it does nothing when it comes to smoothing, in contrary it made my hair dryer so I had to use hair mask more often than usual. You might be wondering why I just left that product to buy a new one. I forget, like a lot. When I'm on a super market I buy everything I meet on my way but when it comes to useful stuff I just forget I had something to buy. So I remembered that I needed a new one only when I was on the shower using the current one. The good thing is that it was a nice cleanser. My hair was always super clean after using it and for the next two days as well. I have oily skin so that also goes to my hair. Two days of super clean hair is the maximum to me.

Pantene Spray Conditioner

I have already posted about it on my April's Empties

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