Thursday, July 21, 2016

Beauties on Fire: Classic Beauty

Our very first group theme post is here. Yes, I'm talking about #BeautiesOnFire project! If you are just staring at your screen, wondering what I'm talking about then click here to know more and then come back to see the rest of this post. About this subject, this week's project is "Classic Beauty". When I saw that this was the winning bid, I was thinking that I should create a look with a nice cat eye and the redest red lipstick ever. I was thinking that I should recreate Marilyn Monroe's or Brigitte Bardot's look. I wasn't sure if this would be a good post or out of my league. You see, I always enjoy adding a personal touch, not just recreate the look. Then I thought that classic beauty isn't just on the '60s. Another period that I like is the '20s. I like that dramatic eye look that was in back then and the fact that you had just a blusher on your cheeks and nothing more. But, this is a look that cannot be used nowadays. So I was thinking.... What if I would recreate this look with today's trends. Let's see, will I make it or will I just hit the rock bottom?

 the face.
Every single picture I saw on 20s, they have that porcelain white skin. My skin is full of blemishes so I'm not sure how is this possible for me to archive this look. I have to use every single product and technique I know for a flawless look. So I used the POREfessional primer from Benefit, the Vichy Dermablend foundation with a flat foundation brush. I saw that when I use this foundation with a flat brush my makeup doesn't look so natural and that's exactly what I need for that look. But that's not enough for me to have porcelain skin, I need to bake my makeup. Today I'm testing a beauty hack for baking. Baby powder instead of any loose makeup powder.

 the eyes.
Back then a nice dramatic eye was a must, I can tell. I have to create that look but it just be too much, it must be wearable. So I grabbed my Sephora palette kiss N10 with the 4 eyeshodows and 1 liner. I decided to use this palette because I can create a dramatic look but still be natural. As a primer I used the Artdeco Eyeshadow Base.

 the lips.
I need that redest red I was talking about at the beginning of this post. A classic look is just not enough without it. My favorite red lipstick is the Russian Red by M. A. C. just that is enough for this look.

 final touch.
After my baking was done, I removed it with a powder brush. I did my eyebrows with a pencil and put a second layer of mascara. After my eye area was ready, I needed to complete my face. Contouring wasn't propriate for this look, because back then you just put a blusher on and you were ready to go, but I had to stick with today's trends. So I was like strobing would be nice with a little bit of pink blusher. I chose the baked blush from The Body Shop, shade 01 petal. It has that white perly shade on it's side which I love using as a highlighter when I don't need it to be intense, and on the other side a pink which is what that look needs for finishing.

The results.
Porcelain skin: nop
Dramatic but wearable eyes: yup
Redest red: yup
Strobing, but not that much: yup
Too much blusher: yup

As you can see, my skin is full of zits these days. My Mario Badescu Acne cleanser is over and I'm testing a couple of new ones... Why do I even bother? Anyway, my skin did its best and I think that beauty hack with the baby powder is working. My eyes are dramatic but not too much, my lips are beautifully Russian redded, my highlighter is not too much and my cheeks are very pink, even if you can't see that extremely pink blushed cheeks here, you'll see that on the following pictures.

 the hair.
When I'm thinking about the 20s ladies' hair, I'm thinking of beautiful curls or short hair with bangs. I have long hair so the best choice would be some vintage curls but I lack hair skills so I decided to have a hair bangs hack here. This post is full of hacks, don't blame me, I just surf a lot on the internet. Well I saw a couple of videos that were some girls wearing their hair up but they were realising a couple of tufts for making them bangs. It seemed so cool and easy so I decided to do this. I used a rubber band, a hair doughnut, bobby pins and a pretty hair band.

I'm telling you guys this was a hard one for me. If you lack hairstyle skills I'm warning you, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! I tried so hard for the hair and I failed. A total failure. At least I tried. That's something, I mean...right?
Well that was fun. It's not excellent but you can't blame a girl for trying. Plus it was very fun for me to do! I cannot wait to create more looks for the Beauties on Fire collaboration!!!!! Do not forget to see the other posts by clicking the smoking hot lady down there.

That's the full look. Do I look like I'm from 20s? Hell no! I look funny! Well here you can see the blusher which is pink and over put like I told you above. I think the biggest failures are hair and the porcelain skin wannabe. Would you guys rock this look? I would, but with less blusher and different kind of hairstyle. Down below is that smoking hot lady I told you about. Click her to see the main post and check out the link-up for everyone's post! See you next week with a new look!

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