Friday, July 29, 2016

Review: Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation

This is my first foundation which is not from a drugstore. I wanted to try a Shiseido product for a looooong time and finally I got it, with a discount actually, 30% off. I have been informed that a shop was having some offers on some brands and Shiseido was one of them. So I decided to buy a foundation, wasn't sure which one but I explained what I needed to the lady on the shiseido stand. I still have the Vichy Dermablend foundation with a lot of product left in it.

I always want a foundation that provides full coverage but doesn't give a heavy feeling on the skin. That one is actually medium coverage so I use extra concealers to cover some flaws sometimes and feels kinda sticky on my skin. I mostly use this when the sun is up because it has SPF30 that protects from UVA/UVB rays, which I appreciate. The lady who sold it to me said that it is water resistant so I can wear it at the beach as well. I'm not planning to do so because it has an orange undertone while my skin has a yellow undertone so you can understand that it's not my perfect match foundation plus it's kinda darker so I'll look ridiculous wearing something like that at the beach. Now I'm having my clothes to cover the rest of my skin color but that won't happen there. Yes, I bought the lighter color called light ivory, of that range but it's still not light enough for my pale skin.

I had a couple of tests on that foundation. Call me weird but I gave some extra money for that product so I wanted to see whether it was worth it or not. I did what I could possibly think of are the most tough situations for a make up look to last when wearing it for a long time. What's more, I wanted to see if this would make my skin create new zits like all the foundations I tried so far did, even if they were non-comedogenic like this one.Those tests were:

Girls night out-without powder

This was actually the first time I used it. When I opened the box I saw it had a bottle with the foundation inside, a little box with a sponge that helps you apply it and a paper with the instructions written on telling me how to use it correctly. I always enjoy reading instructions on every product I buy, when included, even if I always end up not following them. So the instructions were: Shake well before use. Pour a small amount of foundation onto a sponge, dot onto the cheeks, and smooth over the skin, working from the center of face outward. And so I did, using the sponge that the company gave me with the foundation. I'm a brush fan myself so I don't know if it was my fault I failed. Actually most of the foundation was trapped into the sponge and the product was unable to smooth over my skin because almost none of it were on. It is extremely liquid so I decided to use my stippling brush to apply it. I finally did it and I have to say that it's a foundation that can easily be worked on the skin. Then I decided to use the sponge on with my concealers but failed again. So I decided to throw the sponge away and keep the little box for my bobby pins. That day I was wearing it on for about 4 hours, I went home early because there were not a lot of people out, and it was Friday night for God's sake! Anyways when I returned home my makeup was looking nice and I didn't look that shiny even if I didn't put a powder that day. I was shocked! This doesn't happen to me. I have a very oily skin which always tears my up makeup.So I tried to remove my makeup with a microfiber towel I have and was removed easily. It was there when I wanted it to be and gone when I didn't want it there. The best part was that no new zits were created that night! I was amazed by that product.
Here is what's included in the box(from left to right): The small bottle of foundation, the little box with the sponge and the paper with the instructions written on.

That's the sponge before use

That's the sponge after use. The left side is used with concealer and the right side with the foundation. As you can see it "ate" the whole thing!

Day trip-without powder

The next day I had planned a little trip, as you can guess I was wearing the foundation for about 10 hours and it was hot, so I was sweating almost all day. That was the ultimate test but I decided not to wear a powder that day again. If this mission would be accomplished I would go and buy more and more and more even if this isn't on my skin tone. When I headed back home I looked at myself in the mirror and I was shiny but my makeup was still there. On a closer look, it was cracked all over my face, it was looking like a deserted lake that has cracks all over it's surface. The good news are that once again no new zits were created on my face.

Used twice a day-with powder

So I found it's limits on duration, then I had to find it's limits on how non-comedogenic this really is. I was wearing it all day on my trip and no zits were there so I had to use it with powder to see if this would affect it. So I used it on a Saturday morning, I went shopping and then for a cup of coffee, I was wearing it for about 4 hours, when I went home and cleaned my face I saw that my face was like before I did my makeup that morning. It was not affected at all. So I decided to do the same when I would go out at night. That particular night I had it on for about 7 hours, before I saw my face clean on the mirror I was thinking that there's no way for my skin not to create new zits. Well hopefully I was wrong. My skin was looking the same all day, nothing made it create new zits even if I was challenging it to do so.

Well, as you can see it is treating my skin perfectly. But I am not quite sure yet if I would like to purchase this again, because it has half of what I need on a foundation plus Shiseido is not cruelty free and I never enjoy supporting brands like that.

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