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November's empties | 2017

It took me two weeks or so to post this but I really have zero time for blogging lately which makes me kinda sad, I really wanna share products that I love and some others that I don't like that much. November's been a busy month for me, that's something that I usually like but this month has been much busier than usual. How was your month you guys? Was it fun? Now let's keep moving to my empties.

The Face Shop Chia Seed Moisture Recharge Cream

I'm so into Korean beauty lately but that was the first product that I tried from The Face Shop. This has legit become one of my favorite face moisturizers. This was not only moisturizing my face skin but it didn't irritate my acne as well. You have no idea how many moisturizers make my skin break out, but this was perfect. A rich hydrating cream with a great smell -really it smells like an expensive cologne, like many Korean skincare products do actually- and it didn't even inflame my skin a bit. I like the packaging too, a thick glass with a nice design. It has a plastic part on the inside, for making it easier for us to grab the cream I guess.
Would I buy this again? Yeah! I actually want to try some other products of this brand as well.

Vichy Mineral 89

This is about a new launch (in Greece at least). I really wanted to give it a try and I was lucky enough to get a tester. Guys this is beautiful! I really saw it transform my skin the couple days I used it, I'm impressed. I gave me a glow and a hydration I didn't know I needed. This didn't make my skin break out either which is weird... My skin doesn't really like serums and it shows it every single time I use one. It has a gel like texture but it melts once it gets in contact with the skin which makes the application really easy.
Would I buy a full size? Yes, I just need to find a good bargain because I am so out of budget lately.

Pantene PRO-V Smooth & Silk Dry Oil With Argan Oil

I have a love/hate relationship with this product to be honest. That's because it really works for me but my hair were getting used to it very soon, so I had to go back and forth with this product. It does make my hair silky smooth and everything but after a couple of weeks it would get used to it and then I would go back to straw hair and then I would used an other product but if I would get back to Pantene then it would as work again for me, at least for a while. My hair is getting easily used to hair oils but with this one made a record on how fast it would be used to wearing it. It's a nice hair oil though.
Would I buy this again? Not sure yet.

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Cedarwood+Juniper 

This was the first natural deodorant that I've tried and I'm glad it turned out well. I actually became a fan of it and I bought one for my mum and then my aunt wanted one for herself. It's impressive how a product with natural ingredients can keep the smells away.  I got unlucky with the scent I chose though, it's really earthy and my armpits were smelling like resin so I thought of myself more like a pine when I was using it. For my mum and my aunt I bought a Rose+Vanilla each. The best part about this product is the period of time I was using it. For almost a year! I bought it last February and it lasted me until November. I mean wow! I was always using roll-on deodorants that would last me for about 3 months.
Would I buy this again? Yes of course!

Tonymoly Panda's Dream White Magic Cream

I think this is the second time that I'm having a tester for this cream but I have no idea what my thoughts for this product were the first time. I just can't remember... I guess there were the same as this time as well and that's the reason why. I like the smell of it, the fact that it didn't make me break out, the poreless finish that gives after putting it on but it is a pain in the ass to be applied and once it does it makes the skin look whiter which is weird to me, I am the queen of paleness, if I get any whiter I turn into a dead person's look alike.
Would I buy the full size? Nope,!

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Protective Sun Lotion with SPF 30

Last but not least my favorite product for this summer. This has become my savior! I hate putting on a moisturizer and then a sunscreen, it feels so heavy on my skin and if I won't have the right combination then my skin will break out and usually moisturizers have SPF 15 or maximum 20. This cream had it all, moisturizing, sunscreen, was light enough for me and finally didn't make my skin break out. It was perfect for me. It had a pretty interesting packaging as well.
Would I buy this again? Yeah! Coming up, this summer, I'm going to have the best product for this use I've tried so far.

Here are my empties for this month and December's empties post is loading. Can you believe it? It is going to be the last empties post for 2017!

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