Saturday, September 3, 2016

Beauties on Fire : 7 sins

I'm soooo bad. I didn't had my last theme post done and I'm doing this one at the last moment plus I was late finishing it.... I was so busy those days, collecting some paperwork because I wanted to apply for the pastry school,and I had my application done in a different city because I couldn't do that in mine, we don't have something like that here. So wish me luck and let's move to this week's theme.

As I told you, I was totally behind so I had no idea what this week's #BeautiesOnFire theme was, not even what the bids were until 2 days before the post was supposed to go on. When I saw 7 sins I was really confused, I didn't know what to do but I decided to have a countdown with my sins/guilty pleasures. 

#7: Liquid lipsticks
I'm talking about many of them 'cause enough is never enough when it comes to those products. I love them and I have had a lot of them, before it was cool (jk). Really though, I remember that my first liquid lipstick was a lip ink from sephora and instantly fell in love with that one so I bought some more and I continue buying since then.

#6: Benefit POREfessional
What can I say about this product? I wanted to try it for years but I actually bought it a couple of months before. I wasn't sure if I would like it and it is a very expensive product, what if it wouldn't suit me? So I decided to buy the travel size which is actually a tester. I paid for a tester, literally, but I like it soooo much so I keep telling myself that it's worth it. It is the perfect primer for oily skin with lose pores in my opinion. It really camouflages them, after I put it on my face, I feel like I have a very nice, poreless skin. I like to use it with an oily moisturizer because it absorbes the oils so much that it cannot be combined with anything less. Now I can't wait to buy the full size!! I heard that Maybelline's primer Baby Skin is a dupe of it so I have to try that one too. 
#5: Beauty Blender 
I wasn't a big fan of it when I firstly used it, I was like "why is everyone so obsessed with this sponge?" thankfully, I kept using it, trying to find out whether I'm doing something wrong or if I would need to find the right way for me to use it, the way that would suit me. I'm very excited to tell you that I did it and I'm using it more often even from my stippling brush which is weird because I used to be a brush kind of person when it comes to makeup tools. 

#4: Morphe Brushes 35C palette 
I wanted this palette so bad, I had it on my wish list before Easter and finally I bought it 2-3 weeks ago. Now I'm obsessed with it. It is just perfect. Nice pigmentation, all those colors for me to choose, for different kind of looks, it has everything I have ever wanted from an eyeshadow palette on the best price I could possibly find. I bought it for about 20€ and it has 35 colors!! That's what I call perfection. 

#3: Liquid Foundation 
This addiction has me for years. I can't even think of the perfect base without the perfect liquid foundation. This form of foundation is the best!! Someone can find whatever they want, from light to full coverage, matte finish or not, hydration formula, watery substance or creamy, everything, for every taste, even a fussy person can be pleased by a liquid foundation. 

#2: Mascara 
A makeup look is never good enough without mascara, let's face it. It makes the eye pop, giving the needed depth to the sight. I only use black mascara, I have never used any other color, even though I appreciate playful makeup looks I'm not brave enough to use colorful mascaras. 

#1: Pastry 
Weeeeell, I wanna become a pastry chef as I said to the beginning of this post, so I love nice pastry creations. Candy is irrelevant from the whole post but I just love it, I couldn't help it but add it to my sins.

That's all about me. Do you have any guilty pleasures yourself that you would like to share?

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