Friday, September 16, 2016

Beauties on Fire : Back to school

It's Thursday so you know what that means, a new Beauties on Fire post!!! Finally, after 3 weeks that I wasn't as much active as I wanted to, I finally had my post on time! This week's theme is back to school. Gosh I missed school... Everything seemed so simple back then, it was nice... Anyway about today's post, I'm going to do a simple and quick makeup look, so let's get started.

What I used
Face: LA Girl PRO BB cream GBB941-FAIR, Essence...all I need concealer palette, Milani Baked Blush Luminoso, The Body Shop lose face powder 03
Eyes: The Body Shop Carbon Brown Eye Definer, Cien Volume Mascara Extreme Lashes-Black, Brown eyebrow pencil
Lips: The Body Shop Lipstick 14

What I did 
First things first, I cleaned my face but didn't moisturize it because I was going to put a bb cream on. I am not a big fan of heavy makeup on the mornings and that's why I chose a cream for this look. I began with my bb cream, this time I put it with my fingers, I know we're not supposed to use our hands on makeup but if they're clean I don't see the harm. I wanted to give a high school touch on that also, that's what I was doing back then, yeah.... So after that I had some visible blemishes that I had to cover with some concealer, I grabbed my concealer palette and with the help of a concealer brush, this time, I covered them up as much as I could. About eyes... When we're up for school usually we don't have that much time to do our makeup, or at least that's me, I love sleeping and usually I sleep late at night so I don't wake up that easy which means I don't have the time to have a proper makeup look, and here's when this God sent pencil from The Body Shop comes. It's a soft pencil with a smudger on it's end which is a life saver!! I just draw a thick line on my lid and smudge it out so it will look like a discreet eyeshadow. Some mascara and that's it. If you want to give some intensity on your eyes, you can put a little bit of a black eyeliner on your lash line. About the rest of the face, I think that contouring is too much for a school makeup so I used only some blush. I started from my chick bone to my apple blending it out so I won't look like I'm back from '80s overdoing it with the blush, I just wanted to give a healthy glow. Actually, I have put some color on my eyebrows too with my pencil but not too much, I haven't really defined them. About the lips, I chose my personal nude and with that I mean the lipstick color that's closer to my lip color. I just wanted to give some color to that look for the finishing touch and nothing more. Don't forget the powder! I forgot to put it in the photo above but I had it on my face. Some face powder is a must, especially on the T zone considering that you gonna have that makeup on your face for hours. You can also have a compact face powder in your bag, just in case. 

So that's the final look, something really really simple and quick for the early hours. It was so nice for me to create, brought back so many memories.... I hope that you will enjoy doing it as much as I did! Don't forget to check out the other posts by clicking on that pic below. See you next week with a new look. Don't forget to vote on Twitter the looks you would like to see us create. 

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