Thursday, September 8, 2016

Beauties on Fire : Super Heroes/Villains

One new week's post from Beauties on Fire collaboration is on and I'm more than excited to tell you that it has to do with comics!! Yay super heroes/villains is the chosen theme by you guys (don't forget that you can vote on Twitter every week). I'm so excited about this topic, I'm a huge fan of both Marvel and DC who are both launching super heroes. I'm not a big fan of villains, sorry, so I will have a super hero look this week.

My fav super heroes are Batman and Wolverine. I have already did a kitty makeup look on the Movie - Book post so I chose not to create a Wolverine look but a Batman's! It's not going to be a Halloween look this time, I'm going to have smokey eyes inspired by Batman's mask and mystery. It's going to be a simple smokey eye look, nothing fancy with many eyeshodows blending together. So let's get started. 

What I used 
Tonymoly gel eyeliner 01, Erre Due soft eye pencil 113, Morphe Brushes 35C palette 

What I did 
Today we are not going to have a primer. No, I don't have lost my mind, we need a very dark base so what's better than that? Well, I took my shadow brush and dabbed it into the eyeliner pot, then put it on my eye lid, beginning from the lash line finishing to the crease trying to smudge it out. Work fast on this guys, it's drying out immediately. After this I took a brown eyeshadow(2) and put it on my crease trying to blend it with the eyeliner. I didn't put my black eyeshadow(1) yet so I will not make a mess on blending, black is a very hard color to work with so I have to make sure that I won't make a mess and my eye makeup will look "dirty".
Then, I took some of the orange - pink eyeshadow(3) and  a pale orange(4) one, on the same blender brush to smooth out the look and I blended all the products together really well, I tried to even it out as much as I could. Finally, I put the black eyeshadow(1) on, I just dabbed the brush once in the pan, it was enough to darken the look just a little bit. I was done with the eyeshodows so far so I grabbed the pencil eyeliner and put some on my waterline both up and down. This can be a little annoying I know, I don't really like doing that but it's a must for this look. After I was done I took a clean eyeshadow brush that I hadn't used yet, dabbed it into the orange eyeshodows (3)(4)and blend it with the eyeliner I put on my waterline. Be careful on this step! You don't want to touch your eyes with the brush, I hate it when this happens. Now you're even done or you can put some more eyeliner on your waterline, just like I did. Some layers of mascara and you're good to go. Don't forget to define your brows when you have smokey eyes done. It looks a lot nicer with a full brow. When I was done with the eyes I was like I'm missing something here, and it was the brows, they weren't defined enough. When I defined them I noticed a big difference. 

Extra tips for smokey eyes 
  • Before you do this you have to make sure that you have a very good eye makeup remover or you'll end up looking like zebra, been there, done that. 
  • Wash your brushes after you're done with your makeup. Dark colors are hard to be removed with any other ways from your brushes. You might forget about having a dark color on your brush and the next time you are going to use it you might have some smokey colors on your nude look. 
  • Put some falsies on! I didn't do that because I am not a big fan of false eyelashes at the moment but if you are you should do that and see your eye pop. 
  • Instead of gel eyeliner you can use a soft pencil eyeliner as a base. It will be harder to work it but if you are patient enough you will see the same results. 
  • Do your eyes first and then your base. In that way you can make sure that you won't have any eyeshodow fallouts ruin your perfect base, plus you can also have a makeup cleansing wipe help you correct the mistakes you might or might not do. 
  • Have a cotton bud to help you with details. We are all making mistakes daily, thank god we have cotton buds help us erase our makeup mistakes in detail. 
Have you ever noticed smokey eyes have fans? When a lady is choosing a smokey eye as her signature look she hardly goes back to nudes or anything else. Anyway, that was completely random. Don't forget to check out the other posts from the Beauties that are on Fire by clicking that Beauty who is on Fire as well. Have a great day guys, see you next week with a new look.

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