Saturday, September 10, 2016

August's empties

Heeey everyone!! Summer is gone for good.... It was a nice one .... I went to sea, met some new places, had my application for the pastry school done andddddd I am part of a new collaboration called Beauties on Fire. It was awesome, and those were just the highlights. Enough of that, I'm already late, like a week back for my monthly empties, I usually post that on the end of the month or at least at the 1st of the new month but this time I'm super late for this post. So let's stop wasting time and cut to the chase.

Sun care

Nivea Sun Moisturizing Sun Spray SPF50+

Summer is a sunny season so me, as a pale girl, I need some extra protection if I am going to be out for long time. I always wear sunscreen, no matter what. I chose this moisturizer because, besides protecting from the UV radiations it also moisturizes the skin. It is not only on a spray form, it can also be found as a lotion. I actually have the lotion form too but with SPF30 this time. Sometimes it can become a little sticky, if I put more than I should but I'm trying not to do so. I'm definitely going to buy more next year but for now I will stick with my SPF30 one. 

Avène Cleanance Sunscreen SPF30

I have been using this sunscreen for years and I was in love with it. It has the protection I need, it gives a matte look without annoying me, matte products usually annoy me because my skin won't absorb them so they usually tear apart leaving me with some white stains on my face which is not really nice. But this sunblock is not doing this to me. It is for face and body but I mostly used it on my face, it's only 50 ml. I really really liked this product until I saw that it blocks only UVA radiation. What about UVB Avène? Isn't that dangerous enough to make you block it? I usually check sunblocks before buying them, I don't know what happened to me this time. Was under some spell or something? It's just impossible for me not to give attention to this little thing.... Maybe it was because I am using it for years so I never really saw the details. From now on I will be more careful and buy only sunblocks that block all kinds of radiation. 

Vichy Capital Idèal Soleil SPF50 (sample

After Avène failed me, I decided to try out some other sunblock samples which would protect from UVB radiation this time. One of them was Vichy's for combination to oily sensitive skin. I don't have that much of a sensitive skin, but it is mattifying the face, which yeah I don't like but sunscreens can be heavy on the face sometimes and I don't need extra oils on my oily skin. It's a nice sunblock but matter than I would like, I was having a Vichy moisturizer when using this so I was hoping that combining those two products might be a success but not really, for me at least. I know a lot of people using this product and they are very satisfied with but not me.... It's just not for me. 

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF50 (sample

The other sunblock I tried was this one, for sensitive and sun intolerant skin. I am a pale girl, who has freckles, mostly on the nose, when going under the sun with or without sunblock so that kinda makes me intolerant to the sun, right? Well I think this sunblock would be great for me if it wasn't that matte! It's just not for me..... I don't need something so matte in my life, I don't want oily products I just need a matte, like Avène's matte, with a full UV protection.... I'm not that fussy, I just know what I want I can't compromise with anything less... Well, maybe this makes me a little bit of fussy.... Hmmmmm.... 


Vichy Aqualia Thermal-Light cream (post

That's the cream I was talking about above. I really like that cream, it is moisturizes the skin, but it's not that oily nor matte. It's my perfect match as you can guess but it's expensive for a moisturizer. I have already found some other moisturizers that suit me that are cheaper. It's easier for me to find my holy grail moisturizer than sunscreen, maybe because I finish a moisturizer jar faster than I finish sunscreens'. 


Pantene Pro-V Conditioner for normal to thick hair 

I actually bought it because it was an offer on a store that period. I'm not implying that I don't like Pantene's products, I'm just a sucker for offers. Every buy one and get one free tempting me and so price reductions do. This one was on a reduced price and it was giving me 10% more of free product. That's what I call the ultimate temptation. It is 400ml, I have been using it for looooong time. That's good and bad at the same time. Good, because I didn't have to buy a new one. On the other hand, my hair get used to it so after a couple of months it wouldn't work on them as good as it did at first. It was nice, it made my hair softer and helped me tangle them without trying hard, I was even using it when I was cleaning up my makeup brushes. I don't know if I would buy it again if I won't see that there's an offer. If I would pay full price I would prefer buy an organic/cruelty free/vegan (or all of that in combination) product.

That was it about this month. I didn't have that much of empties to review but... Oh well, that's good for my wallet. Let's hope I'll keep it up like this. Naaaah, I don't think so but hope never dies. 

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