Thursday, September 22, 2016

Beauties on Fire : Retro

A new week is here which means a new #beautiesonfire post!! Yay! This week we're having Retro as our theme, which was chosen by you on the Twitter poll. Actually it was chosen two weeks ago, your votes show us a draw between Back to school and Retro, yeah I had two weeks to prepare it but here I am, Wednesday afternoon creating this post literally on the last moment. Anyway about the look... When it comes to retro makeup the first name that pops in my head is Lana Del Rey, so I decided to create a look inspired by her.
Screen shot from the video clip "Born To Die"

 Check her out! Isn't she a beauty?I like every single makeup look she has! Every time it's so polished... Just perfect. I love her hair as well, such pretty curls she has, but this time I am not going to try and create a hairstyle with my poor hair skills, I will only concentrate on makeup so let's get started, shall we?

What I used 
Face:Vichy Dermablend 15, The Body Shop Loose Face powder 03, The Body Shop Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation SPF15 shade 208:golden vanilla, Milani baked blush Lumiso, The Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer, Essence...all I need concealer palette 
Eyees: Artdeco Eyeshadow Base, Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow Palette 35C, The Body Shop Carbon Brown Eye Definer, Tonymoly gel eyeliner 01,Cien Volume Mascara Extreme Lashes Black & Volume Mascara Black 
Lips: Sephora Lip Ink 01

What I did 
I began with my foundation, I am not going to use any dark colors on my eyes today so I chose to go like this. I applied it with my Beauty Blender 'cuz I'm obsessed with it at the moment, yeah the brush person is obsessed with a sponge... Life keeps surprising me! Anyways, I continued with some concealer, I began with the yellow one creating an upside down triangle on my under eye area to give some highlight and with the dark beige to some pimples that were persistently showing themselves even after I had my foundation on. It came out that the dark beige from this palette isn't that dark after all.I used a small concealer brush for that.

Then, I used my flat foundation brush to blend in the concealers, I have found out that it's the best way for me to work with those products. Now starting with the eyes. The first thing I did was prime my eye lids. Continuing, I did something totally different this time. I put some brown pencil eyeliner on my eyes, following the way of the bone that's on the crease and I also drew a line connecting the outer corner of my crease to the outer corner of my lashline. After that, I smudge it out the best I could. Don't worry if you mess it up, I actually did that on my left eye but it's very easy to blend. 

  Now we have to put some eyeshadows on it. For my lid, I chose a very light beige (1) that kinda looks like a white but it's not a white white if you know what I mean, because I'm not sure if I do make sense right now, from my 35C palette (yeah, I'm so excited with this palette that I'm using it on every single look since the day I bought it) and a pure white (2) for the brow bone and then I blended it out.

Finishing with the eyes, I put some extra color on my crease just to give a little bit of intensity, which was a dark gray (3). Some black eyeliner with a nice wing , not like the wing I have on my right eye above (I redressed it, I promise) it's just I couldn't draw a line when I was doing it, my eyelids wouldn't stay still. You could also do a thicker line than mine, I left it like this because I was not planning on wearing falsies. Then, for the finishing touch, I put two mascaras on. It's not only the fact that I'm a crazy mascara lady, but I used the extreme lashes first as a base because it divides the lashes so nice, and the volume mascara after because it volumizes the lashes so nice.
Now let's talk sculpting. Lana has a long thin nose, which I don't and the contouring on her cheeks is always very defined. That's what I tried to do but my nose looks kinda dirty.... I like contouring but I always try to keep it natural so it was actually my first attempt on the defined contouring. Anyway, after that I put some blusher on and then highlighter. On that pic below, I'm trying to show you the glam of the highlighter on my cheeks. .. Yeah.... Well don't blame me it's just beautiful, the first time I used it I was looking myself on the mirror saying OOOOOO so shinyyyyy!!! Hey lover!!! My precious etc. So, I wanted to share it with you but the light doesn't really helps.
Anyway enough with my nonsense, after everything else was done, I put my lipstick on and try to take a Lana Del Rey pic looking sad but beautiful like her. So here's the final look with a coat hunger on the back. Sorry for that but I didn't noticed it when I was taking the pics, I was busy trying to look drop dead gorgeous.
This is the end of this post and the part that I'm telling you to check out everybody's posts. So click on that pic below and do it! I had sooooo much fun creating this look, I just loved it!! See you next week with a new look that YOU will chose via Twitter.

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