Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday-Funday, the body edition

I did a couple Sunday-Funday posts before but it was only about face and I was like why don't I have a body edition yet? What's better than a relaxing Sunday, taking care of your body and relief all the week's stress. So I finally did it, better later than never right? As a skin care enthusiast I am posting today about my favorite skincare routine at the moment! 

So let's begin.

Step 1: Wash your body. I'm going to talk about exfoliating in a minute so a nice clean skin is the perfect base. I am using Korres Japanese Cherry Blossom, which I adore as I have already told you on my July's empties.
Step 2: Exfoliate. Remove all those dead cells that are no use for you anymore. I just love the way that an exfoliated skin feels. Sooooo smooth! I'm using the Body Farm coconut body scrub today which is one of the best body exfoliators I have ever used, and it smells awesome. It's a shame I can't eat it... Oh well...
Step 3: Moisturize. Step off the shower, dry your skin and then put some lotion on it. I'm using the Bepanthol Body Lotion which I think is perfect for the hot summer days. Not as perfect as the Korres Mango Candy but still nice. It's light weighted, fast absorvative, leaves a cool feeling and moisturizes good.
That's pretty much it about the body edition, I hope that if you try my routine, it will be to you as pleasant as it is to me.
What do you guys do on your relaxing day? Do you like reading, listening to music or you just pamper your skin like I do? 

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