Thursday, August 18, 2016

Beauties on Fire : Bold

I have to be honest with you.... I had no idea what should I do about this week's Beauties on Fire theme post. I really don't know what bold makeup means.... I am not a fan of labeling makeup looks so I'm not that informed about names and stuff of each look. So I did a research on pinterest to see what's going on and I saw that this look mostly has to do with intensity. A dark lipstick and unique eyshadow mixes are the recipe for a nice bold look.

What I used 
Eyes : Artdeco Eyeshadow, Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow Palette 35C, The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner, Erre Due Eyeshadow Base, Fissan Baby Powder 
Lips : Essence...all I need concealer (the dark brown concealer), Nyx Matte Lipstick MLS32 SIREN
What I did 
I'm not talking about base today because I did nothing special, I wanted to concentrate to the eyes and lips so I did my routine there. For the rest of the look, I started with eyeshodow primer, then I used some baby powder. I put the baby powder next to my eyes, just to make sure that eyeshodows won't be there, in order for me to give that cat eye look effortless. It's like the hack with the tape next to the eyes but with some powder this time. Then, with my blender brush I picked some yellow eyeshodow (1) and put it on my crease.
After that, I wanted my look to be more playful, so I picked a blue eyeshodow (2), with an orange undertone to put on my lid. I blended well and then put an orange eyeshodow (7) between the other two, I created something like a border line. Then I removed the powder and started working on my under eye area. This time, I chose a red eyeshodow(4). I put under my waterline and blended it with a pink eyeshodow(5). I made 2 wings with my eyeshodows. One with the red one and the other a light blue eyeshodow(3),which one I also used for the inner corner.
For the finishing touch, I used a liquid eyeliner on my lid, creating a wing and my eyeliner pencil on my waterline. I used plenty of mascara for this look. Now eyes are done, let's move to the lips. 

About lips. I am going to use a bold lipstick so I need an absolute color result from that one. That's why I put some concealer on my lips. My natural lip color was gone for good and my lips were ready for the lipstick. My only problem was that sometimes a darker lipstick can make a mess, so I used some extra concealer to cover my mistakes around the lip area. 
So here's the final look! I have never created a look like that, I'm not so brave. It turned out nice I guess but it's not completely wearable... I'm thinking of giving some more intensity to my eyes from now and then, I liked that. 
I always enjoy doing the posts for the Beauties on Fire collaboration. I am always creating new looks, that I never had before, challenging myself and discovering new things about my makeup skills. I hope you enjoy those posts as much as I do and don't forget to enjoy the other girls' posts as well. Click on that pic below to see Elisabeth's main post and check out the link-up for all of the posts. That's it from here. See ya next week with a new look!

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