Thursday, August 11, 2016

Beauties on Fire : Movie - Book

This week's theme was a tricky one for me. I'm talking about #BeautiesOnFire collaboration theme post. I'm not a big fan of books or movies, I still watch cartoons and I really appreciate a nice animated movie. All the other girls were excited about this topic but I was like "Whaaaaaat? What am I supposed to do?" my favorite movie is Lion King and I was like I can't do a lion makeup, can I? I actually decided to try it. It's not Halloween yet and I don't have the right makeup tools to do so but I am going just try and we'll see what I will look like.

Firstly I was like I should create a look from a character who is in a book that became movie so it would be something like a combo. But I'm not sure if I am that close to a character like that as close I am to Mufasa, soooooo you know... I had to do this!! This is going to be playful, like I am drawing, I'm not so good at drawing, I can't even draw a straight line on a piece of paper but I'm so excited about this look and I hope I'll archive it.

Sadly, don't have a pure orange foundation or something like that but I do have some products with orange undertone, so I'll use them and we'll see how it will come up.

What I used 
L. A. Girl Pro BB cream GBB941-FAIR
The Body Shop Extra Virgin Mineral shade:208 Golden Vanilla 
The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner 01
Erre Due Eye Liner Pencil 113
Cien Volume Mascara Extreme Lashes 
Davis accent Liplin Pencils 008 &  011
Golden Rose velvet matte lipstick 07

What I did 
 I began with the eyes. I needed a defined cat eye so I used my liquid eyeliner to archive that. I started with the corners of my eyes, to give shape and then some eyeliner on the lid and the cat eye was finished when I put on my waterline some color with my pencil eyeliner. Some mascara and the eyes are ready. Then I put two layers of my BB cream to the whole face because I wanted the orange undertone to be more obvious. I finished the face with the lose powder that I use for contouring because it's dark and has an orange undertone as well. I didn't put this on my nose, upper lip and chin, because the fur of Mufasa is lighter there. Now face is ready, let's start painting. I saw that Mufasa has black, round eyebrows, I don't have a black eyebrow pencil so I used my eye liner pencil. I started painting Mufasa's brows on top of mine. After that I had to create his nose. His lines over there are defined so I used my lip liner pencil to do the lines and a lighter pink lipstick to fill it. On the lips, I used a dark brown lip liner and my black eyeliner because I wanted to give the shape I saw he has. For the finishing touch, I had to do some whiskers. This was actually the hardest part for me because I had to make them even to the both sides and I only had one shot. If I would make a mistake and would try to fix it, I would ruin my base on the cheek. I don't have them that even actually but, it doesn't look that bad. 
That's the look so far. I look like a kitty but not that much like Mufasa. Maybe I could be Mufasa on his childhood with very defined eyebrows. But I'm not done yet, I need some lion hair. Mufasa's hair isn't that tangled for a lion so I tried to create something like that. 

To be honest I tangled my hair a lot but it kept falling.... I don't know... Maybe I should have used hair spray but I wasn't sure how I would brush it off. So that's me as Mufasa. That was the best theme for me so far because I played with makeup and I laughed so hard when I was looking at me on the mirror. Don't forget to check out the other posts as well. Just click on that picture below to see Elisabeth's main post and check out the link-up too.

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