Thursday, November 23, 2017

I changed my eye care routine for one week

Let me begin by sharing my eye situation lately. I always use an eye moisturizer, I’ve tried many of them actually. I keep changing skin care products so that my skin won’t get used to them and they won’t stop working. But there was that one eye cream that made me have an allergic reaction so my under eye area would look 20 years older and my dark circles are DARK. I mean really, that’s dark, but that’s the way they have always been. I felt like I had enough and I saw a site called (link) saying that you have the best results if you use an eye cream that fights under eye circles in the morning and an other against wrinkles in the evening and so I did. Yup, I’m into experiments.

So I put it to the test for one week and my feelings are mixed actually. My eye care routine this time was like this:
-Morning: Serum against dark circles and then a moisturizer.
-Evening: Serum against wrinkles and then a moisturizer, the same that I am using in the morning.

I saw really nice results on my dark circles but I noticed that if I would stop using the serum my under eye area would go back to it’s dark normal, so bear that in mind in case you’re fighting dark circles. It was pretty cool to see my skin more vibrant there, the overall look on my face was looking youthful, I appreciated that. Haven’t really seen my skin like this for like ever. But sometimes I forgot to put my moisturizer on and I’ve noticed that this serum dried my skin out and I should never skip the moisturizer in order to keep that from happening.

About the anti-wrinkle serum... That’s where my mixed feelings go. Sometimes my eyes were looking ok while at other times were looking puffy. I’m not the kind of person that wakes up with puffy eyes, never happened to me before and that’s why I really don’t know if that’s something that helped me. Maybe it’s the serum I don’t know, maybe it’s the combination of the serum with the moisturizer. I have tried this combination in the past before and nothing happened but that was on my morning routine. That’s why I’m not really sure how much this helps my skin.

That was my experience lately. Have you guys ever tried a routine like this? What’s your routine at the moment? Any comments for me to try out would be very welcome.

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