Saturday, June 25, 2016

Review: Vichy Aqualia Thermal-Light cream

Yes, I have an acne prone skin.
No, I don't use treatment creams.
Why? The do absolutely nothing to help my skin.
So what do I use on my daily routine? Moisturizing creams, duuuh....

It might seem like I'm talking to myself but actually I'm not . Those are typical questions from people that I had conversations with, about my skin problem, most of whom know better about what would help me because they know someone who knows someone that knows someone who had the same skin problem that I have. Well know I have to say something that will upset most of you know-it-all smartasses. You don't know anything about my problem. You're no dermatologists nor had my skin tested. Don't listen to anyone people! Ask your doctor, your pharmacist or your skin, they know better.

But what do I mean by saying ask your skin? Well, there are some products that are harming your skin, for example they would make your skin create some zits or would cause a rash. Do not ever use something like that ever again! You should treat your skin right, besides you're stuck with it for the rest of your life. I'm actually still discovering products that aren't harming my skin. One of those products is this Vichy moisturizer. My skin finds it pleasant not written on that it's non-comedogenic, my skin doesn't have problem with that cream. It doesn't make my skin create zits! It's easily absorbed and suits my oily skin perfectly but, on hot days it kinda feels uncomfortable because my skin produces more oils and sweat I guess.

Like all Vichy products, this cream is enriched with thermal spa water plus it's paraben free. All the tests on this product have been made, don't you worry, it's even allergy tested. Someone with sensitive skin could use this as well. The worst tests that Vichy is doing is testing on animals, which is the only reason that's making me not want to support this brand as much as I used to.

It's packaging is very cute. On the first look you see a light blue box, but when you open that box you see a little blue jar made of glass with a mirror on it's lid. I actually think that the last couple of years almost all the Vichy packages look like that with the color being different depending on every line it's launched. But maybe this package helps justify the price premium over many moisturizers. This one costs about 20€.

This is a very good moisturizing cream that my skin loves! Do you guys have any favorite moisturizers?

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