Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Review: Nuxe Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm

Yes I know, it's summer and lips aren't cracked so I'm supposed to have a review like that on winter. Nope.... Not really.... Not in my case at least... My lips are cracked all the time. Uh huh that's right, even in summer time and there aren't many products to help me. I'm usually using the Neutrogena repair lip balm which is a miracle contained in a little box but this time I decided to try out the Nuxe lip balm which promises to help your lips.

When I bought it I really liked it's package, minimal and cute. What I don't like is the smell, it's not bad it's just not my cup of tea. It has honey and it's enriched with some precious oils or something which isn't a good aromatic combination in my opinion.

What I mostly like in products is when they have natural ingredients and are paraben free and this lip balm has both!  Actually that's the main reason I usually prefer drugstore products, plus they're inexpensive. Well this lip balm isn't considering that it costs about 10€ but Nuxe has such good reviews that I decided to buy it.

I kinda regret it because it's not as miraculous as the Neutrogena one but it's not bad either. It's not a lip product I would have on my purse because it's in a little jar it's not a stick so I have it in my room and I put it all the time when I'm at home. If I see that I need a lot of hydration I put a lot of product on my lips, it's very oily so it won't come off easily.

But the real struggle is when I want to put a matte lipstick. This balm won't help my lips 100% so my under lip is kind of cracked usually. So I have to exfoliate my lips, I have a post explaining how I do that, and then put this lip balm and then my matte lipstick.

I have some mixed feelings about this product. It's not bad it's just not moisturizing enough for my lips.
Have you guys ever tried this product? Do you know of any other lip products that are good for cracked lips to recommend?

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