Sunday, April 24, 2016


Summer is coming and so does heat. This means that our skin needs some good moisturizing but with all that heat body butter is just too much. My choice for the summer days moisturizer is a nice body milk but besides a light texture I want deep moisturizing and a nice smell as well. I want it all! And I've found it in Korres body milk. I chose Mango Candy because of the smell. It was so good that i couldn't resist. Apart from the majestic smell was the ingredients that made me buy this product. Almond oil, active aloe, provitamine B5, Shea Butter and no parabens included was more than enough to make me want it. So as you would guess i couldn't wait but try it. And i was more than happy when I saw that my skin absorbed the whole thing without even trying to massage it, as most of the products for body moisturizing do. And the smell..... Oh, the smell...... I couldn't get enough of it.....

So, that's my fav summer moisturizing product, for this year at least. What's yours? And what made you buy it and love it?

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