Monday, April 25, 2016

Cleaning up my makeup brushes

Believe it or not i use hair products to clean up my brushes. Yeah that's right i use hair shampoo and hair conditioner and believe me they're clean as hell. I've used some liquids and staff that do the cleaning but I really prefer my technique. So this is what I do.I take the brush i want to clean and I put it under the sink in order to wet the brush hair. Then I put some shampoo on my palm and I move each brush depending on the way i use it on my face. What I mean. I'll clean with circular moves my blusher brush but with dabbing moves my foundation brush, that way I clean the right spots in my brushes. After I've finished shampooing my brushes I put a hair conditioner, to make the brush hair more soft, maybe it's a brush but it has hair, right? And we need to keep the hair soft. Well after that, I clean my brushes from the conditioner I put them on a shallow dish that i have already put 2 layers of a kitchen roll paper and I let them to dry.

What do I do if I'm in a hurry? 
I take a make up remover wipe and i clean with it the brushes I am going to use.

P. S. I only use synthetic haired brushes!

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