Saturday, April 30, 2016

April's empties.

Last day of April today. April's almost gone and so did many of my beauty products. So here's a review about them.

Let's begin with the hair products.

Pantene Spray Conditioner 

I  am totally in love with this product. It makes my hair so soft and it is making  theccombing so easy. I was using it after shower but you can use it to dry hair as well. Definitely I will buy it again.

Aussie Miracle Hair Spray Shine+Hold

To be honest I didn't like that much that hair spray because I didn't see that "Hold" that it's written on. Maybe it wasn't good for my hair irdk, but I really didn't like that. I'm not planning to buy it again.

Face products.

Vichy Normaderm Foundation

It's a very nice liquid foundation but I need more coverage on my face than what it gives. It has a matte finish and it's light weighted. I will buy this again only if I decide that I want a light weighted foundation with medium coverage.

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Cream

It's one of my favorite face moisturizing creams.... It's so nice to my skin and prevents all the red ness I have over there. It's just fabulous! The best aloe moisturizer I've ever used. Totally buying this again ASAP!

Bepanthol Intensive for Face and Eyes

I actually used this more to my eyes and not that much to my face..It's a very nice moisturizer. It'd so difficult to find an eye cream that gives only moisturizing. Most of them are for fine lines and wrinkles. So it's difficult to find a good moisturizer as well. But this cream has both! I have already ordered online for a new one.

Neutrogena Immediate Repair Lip Balm

My favorite lip balm for years. It's by far the best lip balm I've ever used. Having constantly cracked lips I need a good lip balm to help them and what just all I need. I will buy this balm for ever!

The Body Shop 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask

It's a very nice face mask that helps a lot reducing the blackheads but not quite what I need. I don't plan buying this again. You can find the way I use it here

Foot cream

Pharmasept Tol Velvet Intensive Foot Cream

A very nice foot cream.I saw immediate chance from the first use! It's a very very very good product! I will buy this again soon!!!!!!!!

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