Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cutting down makeup, my story

I was wearing makeup every single day! From the morning till the evening. I have taken some afternoon naps with my makeup on that I’m not proud of. Today I decided to share my experience on stopping wearing it daily and the changes that I’ve seen on my skin.

I have been wearing makeup daily since October 2012 to sometime last year (2016). I can’t remember exactly the month that I did it to be honest but I can remember the time I started because it was life changing. You see I love makeup, I always did. I remember my younger self locking in my aunts’ houses using my cousins’ makeup without their permission. I think they still don’t know that I used to do that. My mom didn’t own any makeup and she still doesn’t. She wouldn’t allow me to wear makeup when I was in high school and she still gives me that weird look before my makeup look is done. So when I finished high school, I moved to a different city, away from my parent’s house and the first thought that was in my mind was that I should buy some makeup and wear it every day and do this for the rest of my life. I remember I went to The Body Shop, I chose this especially because it was the only brand I knew that was cruelty free and I could easily find in Greece. There were more cruelty free brands that I could find as I realized later but that was the one I knew.

I still remember my excitement. I got only a foundation because I used to own a pressed powder, a mascara, a black pencil and a blusher without my mom knowing about that. If I would wear makeup I had to make sure my mom wouldn’t see me so I was usually doing that when she wasn’t home and I would always carry in my bag wet wipes to remove my makeup in a dark alley close to home. I remember I was rubbing my eyes so hard for that pencil and mascara to be removed I can’t forget that my eyes were literally begging me to stop watering like crazy. Dark days.... You can say that when I realized I could do my makeup without anyone saying no I was like yaaaaaas!!!!! I still remember the first months I was dancing when I was doing my makeup. It was like 7.00 am and trust me I’m not a morning person at all but I would wake up 2 hours before class to do my makeup dancing. It is weird recalling those moments because I really never was a morning person, like never ever.

My makeup look back then was foundation, powder and mascara. That’s bad I know that’s not a nice makeup look I was probably looking like a dead woman walking but my concern was coverage. I didn’t have acne back then but coverage was always my main issue. I want a foundation and I want it to be full of pigments, I don’t want to see my skin when I wear makeup,no! I have insecurities k? I’m familiar with that. Anyway, I used to rock that look daily and sometimes I would get back home without removing my makeup taking a nap or even worse I would remove my makeup, take a nap and then I would do my makeup again without wearing any moisturizer or primer ‘cuz I was like I wore it this morning there’s still some on my skin. Guys, that’s bad. I remember popping some pimples here and there and they were orange! I kid you not I was shocked when I saw it which is a good thing I guess because I stopped doing it since then I always wear moisturizer and everything.

After almost a year of wearing makeup on a daily basis I started having acne. It was September when the first pimple appeared I remember that because its my birthday on that month. I’m still not sure whether my acne happened because of my makeup addiction, it’s a possibility but I wouldn’t give up on it, and the more pimples appeared the more makeup I had to use in order to cover them. Now the reason I stopped wearing makeup was as a favor to my boyfriend. He couldn’t even touch my face without getting makeup all over him and he was like I had enough! So when we weren’t going to be in public I wasn’t wearing any makeup and I got used to it and starting making public appearances here and there without any makeup on and started wearing makeup only when I was about to go for a night out, or for coffee with friends and stuff.

Now that its almost been a year without wearing makeup daily I can say that it takes me so much more time to do my makeup than it used to and that’s pretty much it. Just kidding, I have a dark sense of humor. The changes I’ve seen on my face are pretty cool. My acne got reduced a lot, some fine lines here and there on my forehead and on the smile lines disappeared and my eyelashes grew back to their natural length. Now that last difference was something I didn’t realize it happened to me. I used to have long and thick eyelashes but I didn’t realize that it wasn’t like this anymore. The only difference I noticed was that they became softer, they used to be hard. Until one day my boyfriend asked me what I did with my lashes, I was like whaaaaaa? And he told me that they’re longer and when a man notices a difference you know it’s big.

I’m glad that I did that. I love makeup and certainly I won’t cut it out my life entirely but I will totally keep it down. What about you guys? Have you ever went makeup free? If so, for how long? What’s the differences that you have noticed on you?