Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Six and a half months blogging

Hey guys!! Long time no see.... I have to apologize for that, but really I have a lot of things going on right now so I decided to make this post in order to update you, but also tell you about my experience on blogging all this time.

What's up with me lately

So, my blogaversary was on October 23 but I had no time at all to make a post back then. You see, I am in pastry school now, which is in a different city so I had to move out. Everything happened so fast and at the last moment, literally. They called me on Friday September 30 to tell me I had been accepted, and I had until Tuesday October 4 to go there and register. The schools are closed on weekends, of course, so first thing Monday I grabbed my car and went on a day trip to do so. 

After that, I had no idea when lessons were supposed to start, I asked the principal, who told me that they expect to start at October 17 more or less and that I should check out their web page because they're gonna post there the date a week before the class starts. I was like all right I have plenty of time to have things done so I can stay cool. Now, the worst part is that they updated that page 2 days before we were supposed to start. We were starting October 12 and they posted the date October 10 at night. I saw it the following morning and I was so stressed about what should I do. I didn't even have boxes to gather up my stuff and I couldn't get any because it was a holiday that day in my city so all shops were closed. 

So I put all my stuff in plastic trash bags, yeah that's right, and I went with my car to my first day at school loaded with my belongings. After that, I started searching for a house, thankfully I found one quick enough. But after that I had so many things to take care of, clean it up, set up electric and water supply etc. I am not quite done yet with everything that I have to do. 

Besides all the things I have going on with my new house, I crashed my car. Yeah you guessed it, this is getting better. I crashed it the second time I went from my city to the new city I'm currently living and it was once again loaded with my stuff. I am not going into details about it, I am only saying that everything is fine besides my poor Nissan, which I'm now trying to fix. 

Six plus something months blogging

I can't even believe it's been that long.... Time flies.... It's not like it's that much but it's not very little either, I mean it's half a year and I didn't even realize that. It's been a great period, I love blogging, it really helps me relax.
The reason I started blogging was because I was bored. I had nothing to do, no job, and the classes I was taking back then were about to be finished so I needed a hobby, I really just can't sit and do nothing, it kills me. So,  I started blogging with my tablet, and I still do it that way. I don't currently have a computer, so I do everything with my tablet. It's not that convenient always, let me tell you! It's getting tricky sometimes but I really enjoy writing and I really wish I will come back to that blogging thing ASAP. I discovered some new products through this experience, plus some things about myself I didn't know, mostly in my makeup skills. 

Beauties on Fire collaboration made me discover that part of myself. Every week, we had a theme post that all of us, beauty and fashion bloggers, should create. I had so much fun creating these looks and posts, I did some makeup looks I couldn't even imagine I would ever do. I am not that good at makeup, gotta admit that but I love challenging myself, I believed that this way I can get to know me better, and so I did. I realized I had some skills I didn't know about, not that I don't need to work on them because I really do, but I know that they're there and I can do things to improve them.

Some big news

Here we are, on the finishing of this post and I have an announcement to make!! I have decided to rename my blog from My Point of Beauty to Cosmetology Lover because that's my url's name, so it's kinda weird having a name which is different than the url, people get confused... I will make this change a week after this post is published, I just want to inform you first and give some time for the news to spread. 

That was it from me, I hope I'll see you soon. It's now your turn to tell me about you, how is everything going with you guys? Do you have any big news to share?