Saturday, October 1, 2016

September's empties

Autumn is officially here and I kinda like it.... September for me is always a new beginning, a new season and stuff. Plussss, My birthday is on September!! I didn't really do much this month, because I'm saving money, there's a possibility of me moving out, going to pastry school the following month which is in a different city, far away from mine, so I need to save as much as I can, I didn't even buy a single makeup or skin care product that it wasn't really necessary for me. Now you know I am talking serious. Now, let's move to the empties of this month and to be honest those empties mostly have to do with samples. 

Face & Makeup
The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner 01

I have been using this thing for years!! It's like the first liquid eyeliner I have ever used and the only one. I really love this product but I actually decided to move on to a gel eyeliner, I felt like I needed more eyeliner experiences if you know what I mean. It has a perfect black color, not all black eyeliners are that dark, I mean they're black, alright but not like a really dark shade of black. This actually was a very pleasant black which wouldn't disappoint you with it's darkness or stability. The drawbacks are that if I would put some extra layers after it would drie out, it would start cracking and falling out so I had to be careful on that. The other flaw was the applicator which was a hard material at the beginning but then it became softer and started bending as I show you on the picture above. This was really a pain in the ass because it was really hard for me to wing it out but thankfully, I had my friend brush do the job for me.

Nivea Aqua Micellar Makeup Remover 3 in 1

I'm a big fan of makeup removers that are like water but I didn't like this one. It's not bad but it's not that good either. Some other products like that I have used are like melting the makeup off of the face, they're aggressive even with mascara but gentle with the eyes and skin. This was really gentle with the eyes I have to admit that, my eyes didn't stink at all when using this product, but it was kinda gentle with mascara too. Sometimes, when I used to have a very dark eye makeup or very dark lips, I ended up looking like joker, not the cool one from Suicide Squad, the old one with the weird look who was Batman's enemy. It wasn't that nice removing foundation either, I had to use tons of product and cotton balls to get rid of my makeup. It is a very gentle makeup remover though I have to give it that, but I'm not thinking of buying this again. 

The Body Shop Skin Defense SPF50 (sample

On my August's empties, I told you that I couldn't find a sunscreen that would suit me perfect. Well, on this month's empties I have an announcement to make, I did it! I found my perfect match. This God sent product it's a lightweight moisturizer with a high SPF protection. You guys I can't even describe how good it is with my skin! It's not shiny at all, but it's not that annoying matte either. It's a product that both moisturizes and protects the skin from UV radiations and when I put it on it's totally light, I don't feel my skin heavy as when I put on my moisturizer and then my sunblock. I am so going to purchase the full size product but I am actually waiting for a special offer or something because as I told you I am kinda tight lately. Good thing now we have autumn and I am not on a great need for a high SPF protector. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree 3 in 1 (sample

Yup, you get that right, I had visited The Body Shop this month. I actually asked for one sample only which was the product I am telling you above, but that nice lady who works there gave me two extra, both from the Tea Tree range which targets oily/acne prone skin like mine. This product is something like the super cleanser. It can be a facial cleanser or a scrub or a mask that's why it has 3 in 1 on it's title, 3 actions 1 bottle. Firstly I had to use it as a mask, I thought that staying longer on my face would give me a better impression about it's action. Then I used it as a cleanser and then as a scrub. It had a lot of product in it for a sample sachet. I didn't like it that much as a mask but it's a really nice cleanser and a good plus gentle scrub, it has a very intense tea tree smell though but I got used to it easily, maybe because I was using products from that range like crazy in the past, but honestly is a smell that someone can get used to. If you have tried and liked the tea tree range I think you should really give that a try. I will do so in the future but for now I am stuck with Mario Badescu which is a life savior for me. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (sample

This was the second sample from the tea tree range that I have been given. I have already tried a sample in the past and I didn't like it, and the same thing happened this time too. It was maybe the only product from The Body Shop with tea tree oil that I didn't have in full size. You see, I was obsessed with this brand, I really like what they stand for and the fact that their products are cruelty free, so there was a time that I would only buy beauty products from there, but that tea tree oil was a real disappointment for me. As far as I know, it's one of their best sellers which says a lot about a product so I was kinda excited when I firstly used it and I thought that I might did something wrong the first time so I should give this a second shot. I don't know what I could possibly do wrong actually the instructions are pretty simple, you take the liquid and you put it on your pimples with a cotton bud or your fingers. It's supposed to dry out the pimple it's being putted. It didn't do this to me, my pimples were the same before and after the use. I'm sad to say that but the only products that helped me topical with the pimples are antibiotics for external use. 

Nuxe Ultra-Nurising Lip Balm (post)

I don't like this lip balm. It's not a good way to begin a review paragraph with, I know but I'm so glad it's over. I have extremely dehydrated chopped lips and this balm is supposed to be a cure for that. To me it was an oily, non-moisturizing expensive lip product that I didn't even like it's smell. It was something like orange, I am actually not a big fan of orange flavored beauty products. It was supposed to smell like honey and precious oils or something but I couldn't find that honey anywhere. I don't know how those precious oils are supposed to smell like but the whole thing turns out smelling orange. I will not buy this again needless to say. 

Tonymoly The Tan Tan Lentil Bean Moisture Cream (sample

This sample came to me with a Tonymoly gel eyeliner I ordered from Korea via eBay. They have sent me samples with all the orders I have placed in Korean shops so far, it's so nice!! Lately I'm obsessed with Korean beauty products so I was super excited to try this moisturizer. It is really nice, lightweighted which I really appreciate, and it smells like lemon when it's on its package. Thank God this smell fades away when applied to the face. I liked this moisturizer but I have my sights set on an other products when my currently jar is done. Maybe I will buy it sometime in the future, I will definitely keep it in mind. 

That's all of my empties... Some were good, some were bad, but most of them we samples!! That's my ideal wallet friendly month. Have you ever tried any of these products? Your month was wallet friendly like mine or you had to buy some more products to replace the empty ones?