Monday, June 26, 2017

Review: e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set

Here I am, once again after months/weeks/dayyyzzzz of absence with a new review about a kind of product that I start using lately but have never used before, yes you read right.... I have never used a setting spray before. Like never. Really. I haven't. Yes I am being honest in order you are wondering right now. Well I don't live under a rock but I thought that those kind of products were overhyped, PLUS no many drugstore brands have setting sprays, actually e.l.f. was the first and only drugstore brand I know that has a setting spray (if you know other drugstore brands that have setting sprays please let me know on the comments down bellow). So for me to give that much money on a product I wouldn't believe in, was a little too much. Anyway... Enough of my bubbling, for now, let's move to the review.
First things first. You guys, the price tag... It's soooo cheap that makes my heart skip a beat. I bought it from iHearb for about 2,71€ (LINK). On a first glance, the packaging isn't that "pretty", I mean it came to me in a small black bottle wrapped around with plastic but to be honest I don't really care about that as long as it does the job it's made for.
As I told you I have never had a setting spray, like in my entire life so I was a little skeptical before trying this out. I read some great customer reviews on iHearb about this product, everyone seemed so happy using it, one of them actually said that reminds them of Urban Decay's setting spray, so I was like what the ef add to cart, it's pretty cheap so I won't end up crying in spending a lot of money to a scam, I'm on a budget you see....
Long story short, I love it. Well that's really short let me take it a little deeper. I use it when I am done with my makeup, I shake it well and then I am spraying it all over my face. The first time I was like "oh, Lord please don't leave this product ruin my mascara, I don't wanna look like Marilyn Manson" but it really didn't. On the contrary it keeps my mascara put, preventing all the fallouts I may have during the day when my mascara cracks, smudges and stuff. Besides that I have noticed that my foundation looks better after hours I'm wearing it. No matter how nice and good a foundation is my oily skin tends to ruin my base after hours of wearing my makeup on. So when I combine a nice foundation with this setting spray I see that I don't look bad when I am back home after a long day.
I don't know what is this magic juice made of but I'm totally into it. It's cheap, cruelty free and a veeery nice product. Maybe one day I will buy a more expensive setting spray and have it tested too in order to see the difference between them, if there are any. It really made me want to take that bet and dig into the setting spray world. To be honest some times I forget to set my face, I am not that much used to it yet.