Friday, March 31, 2017

Review: Royal Coffee Scrub by Naturelle Cosmetics

Finally! I did it!! I found a product that is 100% made from organic ingredients!! That's something that's not easily found and I love a nice product made by natural ingredients. So today I really want to talk to you about this scrub by Naturelle Cosmetics who were kind enough to send me their scrub to review. Let's begin with the basics: ingredients, scent and texture. The basic ingredients are 2 kinds of coffee seed powder and 2 kinds of seed oils. This product, has a strong coffee aroma plus a tea tree scent that is not very strong but gives an interesting twist on the final result. Royal body scrub has a wide variety of scents. If you are familiar with what tea tree smells like you know what I am talking about, it has a very.... let's say unique scent which I dont really mind, because I used to use a bunch of tea tree products on my face for my acne prone skin and i would say that it's a miracle worker. But this product is made for body use only so I'll leave it at that. Now, about the texture, I have some images down below for you to get a picture of what I'm talking about.

In this picture you can see, besides my pajama in the background, that the product is really dry, you must use some water when applying it.

As I showed you in picture A, my hand is complete dry, the product can't be applied as opposed to picture B, where my hand is wet and the product has been applied nicely, so it's very important that when using it the skin is moist. I would also suggest to work the product in small amounts, in order to prevent fallout.

It has very cute packaging, it's like a paper bag which even though is reinforced with plastic on the inside, I keep it away from water because I don't want to ruin it. It also has a zip lock in order to keep the product fresh. I am thankful for the smooth sensation that it gives to my skin. Gives a baby-skin-like feeling to the touch and does not dry it out as many scrubs do. It's like it moisturizes my skin while exfoliating it. I don't have the need to apply a moisturizer after using it unlike all the other scrubs I have used so far. Maybe it's the oils that provide the moisture to the skin, it's pretty cool. I have only used this on my thighs so far, because I used to make a DIY scrub with coffee and olive oil which really helped me reduce my cellulite at the time, so I thought this scrub could do it too, it has the same basic ingredients soooo you know....! Well, I have only used it twice so I don't know if it works on that front yet. 

I will keep using it and I will inform you ASAP if this helps with cellulite, I will totally tweet about it you guys, I love to share good news. Have you ever tried a coffee scrub? If so, what's your opinion about it?